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    Typographic birthday invitation
30th and 32th birthdays
Birthday invitation
This is an invitation I designed for a couple who were going to celebrate their birthdays together in a restaurant and for which everyone was invited for a snack and a drink (hapje & drankje). They became 30 and 32 years old.

I designed a typographic invitation for them in which I only used the color red combined with black and shades of grey because they are young and modern people. By adding small accents like the balloons, the fish and baguette in a bowl and the champagne glass with bubbles, the invitation gets a more festive look and feel to it and it also communicates that it's about a party, snacks and a drink for which everyone was invited.

They also wanted there to be some tips for presents they like so I figured that instead of just writing them down it would be more fun to make small icons of it, because they asked for vouchers of different shops and/or money in an envelope. The end result turned out to be a modern, clean, fresh, festive and typographic invitation that brings out its message loud and clear.