Logos & typos / 2013-2014
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    Logos & Typos / 2013-2014
4eck (retaurant in Vienna)
2000 (facebook page likes from my page)
4000 (facebook page likes from my page)
7000 (facebook page likes from my page)
8000 (facebook page likes from my page)
A&J Solution
Agnes Hegedus (product designer)
BadGirlz (barclub in Budapest)
Baldaszti Group
Baldaszti House
Burger&Love (streetfood restaurant Budapest)
CupCycling (logo concept for a café)
a2 (for Delity Winery)
Cabernet Sauvignon (for Delity Winery)
Chardonnay (for Delity Winery)
Sauvignon Blanc (for Delity Winery)
Emmaroz (women's clothing tailor)
Englert&Bodiss Co.
Goldenroach (www.goldenroach.com)
Gótika Coffee&Deli (Café & Bistro in Budapest)
Hungarian Coat of Arms redesign
INQ Concept (fashion brand)
Kaméleon (mobile app)
Kincsem Kastély Winery (Tokaj)
raqpart (bar terrace in Budapest)
raqpart Wine&Spirit Festival
Retail Design Blog
Tandi Flora (singer)
The Sense (fashion blog)
1st Birthday logo for trafiq
Shot me Down (party logo for trafiq)
New Season (logo for trafiq)
Tokyo by Night (party logo for trafiq)
Uri Muri (club in Budapest)
Gentlemen (Toilet typo for Uri Muri)
Ladies (Toilet typo for Uri Muri)
Via Italia (Italian street in Budapest)
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