Nvidia RTS

One of the key visuals from the series for Nvidia campaign. Basically it's all about 3d glasses that makes gaming even more entertaining.

Nvidia was just about to launch a new product – 3D Vision. The Big Idea behind the campaign was to visualize the claim: "3D in your PC".  The challenge was the very short preparation deadline as well as client’s brief to create the most realistic perception of elements coming out of the monitor and evoking emotions through pictures.

Referring to the briefs objectives, the Agency suggested to show how a product works meaning that the picture that is seen comes directly on the person sitting in front of the monitor. Basing on the references, we have created set of six images that combine the most frequent capabilities of a computer: game, film and motion picture. The series was prepared using 3D set-up, photo-manipulation, matte painting and photography.

Agency: Ars Thanea
Digital Artists: Karol Kolodzinski, Michal Dziekan
3d Artist: Piotr Kolus
Production Manager: Marcin Molski
Step by step: