Concept art paper mock-ups for ARP 2014 commercial. 
Awarded at Prêmio Colunistas 2015 Bronze Prize in Animation Category.
ARP 2014 - Marca Sólida, Conteúdo Líquido:
Dr.Smith! Animation Studio:
Juliano Rybarczyk, directon
Gibran Bisio, art direction
Ana Gusson, concept art (paper mock-ups)
Kaléu Stéfano and Rodrigo Guimarães, 3d modeling
Juliano Rybarczyk, Kaléu Stéfano and Rodrigo Guimarães, animation
Juliano Rybarczyk, render
ARP 2014

ARP 2014

Paper mock-ups and set design model for 3D modeling for the advertising of ARP Week of Communication 2014.


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