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    Trick deck of playing cards with circus animation on the back (when flipped, woman is sawed in halves and other carnival magic happens).
I have to thank my client for this wonderful assignment:) The task was to make a magick deck, which would have animation on the back design when flipped. This would be a "hidden feature" in the deck as the animation would only work when the cards were placed a certain order. I put together 13 back illustrations with slight alterations for the animation effect.
We chose antique circus as a theme. So, the mechanics here is:
The cyclist guy (center) rotates the pedals of his bike ->
The wheels get moving the grotesque heads, which have cogs for eyes and ->
Move the wheels of the trick trolley that has two halves of the 'sawed woman' ->
The 'halves' move in opposite directions and get 'swallowed' almost completely ->
As there opens more space between them, a trick orange blossom tree grows from the hat of the cyclist in the center (allusion to the famous Orange Tree act by Robert-Houdin).

The animation goes like this:
Drafts for joker.
Box cover art