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    Bathing and the bathroom space
bathing and bathroom space
Collaborating with Leroy Merlin, the workshop focused on bathing and the bathroom space. The intention of The WatermarkProject is to provide the pleasure of bating in an outdoor space, while bringing awareness to the human consumption of resources. Through the creation of an atmosphere that simulates being in a vast and isolated outdoor space an awareness of the natural environment will be realized. The use of sustainable systems and the reduction of mechanisms to their purest analog form will bring awareness to energy and resource consumption. Natural, cultural and technological elements will transform the traditional space and surface to enhance the tactile nature of human—environment interactions.  
The WatermarkProject designed an autonomous structure powered by the natural environment. Arural structure was designed and then transformed into a smaller city system. 
A modular shower space that could be applied within the city landscape. This semi public outdoor shower is placed on a balcony or backyard.