UX - DEWALT Hydraulic Power Tools - Desktop AIR App
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    AIR app designed for DeWalt
DEWALT Hydraulic Power Tools
Desktop Application

This is an AIR app that I created using Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop and Flash Catalyst 5.5 for DeWalt. The primary goal of the app was to empower DeWalt's distributors and sales people in the field with an easy to navigate reference guide used to educate potential buyers and contractors on the benefits of DeWalt Hydraulic Power Tools as opposed to pneumatic systems commonly used in the UK and India markets. We considered it a non-linear, or "3D," powerpoint so to speak, in that it's highly informational and very content driven, but I gave the user the ability to navigate it more like a microsite, thus allowing the user experience to be customizable to each specific need or situation.
Intro Animation: Cinema 4D and After Effects
App in action
Landing Page with rollover and custom scroll bar
Tools page with scrolling spec tables and embedded performance videos
Performance landing page. Subpages continue to illustrate the versatility of hydraulic systems in various conditions and scenarios.
Contact page with hyperlinks to main website