Bancos de Visão sobre a Cidade
BVC - 'Benches of Vision over the City'- is a project of urban cultural intervention.

Through the organization of cultural cicles and having the typical Lisbon "bench" 
as prime reference, BVC assumes itself as a platform of exploration and reflection 
about the city where it's integrated.
Developed as an academic project, and as a follow-up of the research project 
 in order to let the people who inhabit it know it a little bit better.
The project now presented is a model for a cicle to be organized regarding 7 movies 
representing 7 geographies of the city Lisbon (Portugal). The movies selected are 
all movies that depict Lisbon in a very particular way, letting us look back at the city 
with that new "vision" of it. (The movies would be projected "in site", on the buildings.)
Model for the website. Visit here.
Posters presenting BVC and each movie.
Map/program for the cicles.
Guide containing postcards showing each movie and each "landscape", working simultaneously as a "catalog" and souvenir of the BVC cicle.
Work featured in the D E S / G N : FBAUL 2011