The main goal of this exercise was to stimulate the students to their creative capacity, taking as starting point the existing and think something new.
Our project aims to explore the existing gap between the stairs and the façade, creating an element that visually interact with the user as he goes up and down the stairs. We decided to take in the simplicity of a "line" and its repetition to create the desired dynamic, wherein when going up or dowwnstairs the rhythm of the repetition is steady, while in straight level the rhythm oscillates depending on the number of "lines" and its spacement, giving will to the user to stop and realize what is happening and how. To highlight this visual relationship between the subject and the object, we decided that the strips/elements made with Corian should be red, which for us symbolizes elegance, motion, approach, meeting and agitation.
model | 1:50 scale
strips metric | measurements in centimeters
model | front view
model | back view
front view perspective
1st floor perspective