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    KAZIMIR Space Model is a light and simple concept store interior where the goods play a leading role.
KAZIMIR Space Model concept inspired by Russian avant-garde art.
Linear, transparent, light interior of shop in which the goods play a leadingrole. Each ofplanes is a separate graphic composition. Planes form a spatial composition.The viewer moves through the space, and relative positioning of compositionelements varies with each step. Graphicpasses in a volume. It is difficult to distinguish a plane from volume ininterior. Planesaspire to be volumes, and volume turns to a plane.

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This concept is approach demonstration to the space essence, its more than aninterior. The volume is collected from several planes (a floor, a ceiling,walls), each of which represents a spatially-graphic composition. These planesco-operate with each other by means of "beams": graphic elements ofeach of planes pass in space towards to other planes, being crossed with eachother and creating new communications in space. Kazimir Malevich's Suprematiccompositions are prototypes, schemes on which not so much planes of aninterior, how many a composition as a whole were under construction. Thespectator, moving to space, itself chooses «an ideal composition», the mostharmonious relation of volumes and lines-beams. An interior black-and-white,without colour accents - to it we wished to underline linearity, weightlessnessof space.The conceptprompts to the viewer that it is possible to see differently surrounding world.The world is not only a set of forms and colors, it's a reflexion of the eachperson. Incompleteness, incomprehensibility, intelligence or senselessness -the same categories which can be applied in the relation to a life.