a little collection of my photo manipulations done with photoshop with varios pictures you see reference on devianart. some more will follow soon.
saw cat:
a little wild cat combined with x-ray image - so sweet and innocent but quiet a little bit creepy and scary ...
stone statue:
photomanipulation of christina aguilera as beauty in stone in a versage dress
dark side:
i saw the movie "the ring" and i was scared to death ... and now every time i looked in the mirror it reminds me of the little girl in the movie, the girl witch was buried alive in the well, witch died and returned as a new undead creature ...
stone angel:
photomanipulation of paris hilton as a stone or marble statue
dark angel:
this is one of my first photo-maipulations i made. is she a dark angel, a witch, a wizard or something else evil from hell or not ...
ice queen:
photomanipulation of ali later alias tracy strauss form heroes is the ultimate ice queen in my opinion
white witch:
photomanipulation of lafee as mystic angel or white witch