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    A series of concepts for the Roku platform.
My agency was approached by Sinclair Digital to create a Roku application for their affiliate news stations. Sinclair owns over 150 affiliate stations throughout the country, and wanted a solution that was scalable to all of their networks, starting with Seattle's KOMO4.
My team and I researched the numerous platforms available, including AppleTV, Xbox, Playstation, Amazon FireTV and Roku. Considering the install base and likely user demographics, we decided to launch with the Roku platform, then expand to Xbox platforms, with AppleTV soon after. 
I created a series of concepts based on Roku's platform and limited user interface guidelines. I had to weigh the options between creating a completely custom experience against using Roku's fairly strict guidelines. I also used these mockups to create an interactive prototype so the client could sell the concept to their internal decision makers.
Roles: Sketching, Wireframes, Prototyping, UI Design
Standard Roku Grid
Standard Roku Grid
Custom Roku Interface
Custom Roku Interface