CBS Action: More Than Average Action Fan campaign
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    Ever wondered what the 'More Than Average Action Fan' looks like? We worked with CBS Action to find out.
Following on from a run of extremely successful projects for the nice guys at CBS, we once again worked with the team (Now AMC Network owned) to help create a campaign for their CBS Action channel.
After researching a number of routes (all of which were bold and a tad tongue in cheek) the favoured route was ‘For The More Than Average Action Fan’.
A high octane, fly-on-the wall look at what lengths a – SUPER ACTION FAN! would go to to create classic drama in their own homes and workplaces (where CBS Action lives). From Forensic housewives to Trekkie office clerks, Tech support bomb disposal guys to a Chuck Norris-lovin’ baddass Granny, the idea was all about these almost heroic followers of action.
We called on a few familiar faces to create it. Who better to pull off an everyman hero than Wallace (Matt Fraser) from our BAFTA-qualifying short film Bad Day at the Office. Along with Isabelle (also from Bad Day) and the iconic ‘frozen’ grandma from our much admired CBS Drama spot.
A fantastically fun and engaging project that was a testament to the desire of the client, we’re all very proud of it and more importantly it upholds a run of bold work for a forward-thinking client.
Check out the spots and the 5 second blipverts.
AMC Networks / CBS Action