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    Pop Up Tennis table
Designed in 2006
Table tennis is a sport that everyone can play. We all remember playing at one time or another with family and friends. But table tennis is not particularly adapted to today’s living : a lifestyle that is moreand more nomadic and where living spaces are getting smaller and smaller. 

All ping pong tables are made up of a rigid flat surface. However, the 2SecondsTennisTable is totallythe opposite, made from tissues and a flexible easy-to-fold frame. You simply throw the 2secondTennisTable in the air and hey presto, it opens all by itself. Once folded, the idea of an easily transportable ping pong table becomes reality! The stretched tissue provides a playing surface that it is much more user friendly and safer for all the family. Using our textile weaving processes enables usto easily manufacture simple and less bulky products that are therefore less costly! 

This concept is extremely easy to industrialize as it borrows the technology used for one of our bestselling products, the 2seconds tent.
Starting price for a table tennis table : 150 euros
Possible sales price for the 2secondTennisTable if launched : 40 euros
Newbusiness opportunity : 12 millions euros / year