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Visual Design Grab Bag (graphic, brand, UI, illo)
Rough concepts for sports trading cards that are AR markers
Visual development
This poster for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith won an Into The Pixel (Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences) award
example of process. client thought first sketch was too heroic, second sketch too jock, final version just nerdy enough.
Illustrations for Intuit via PUSH advertising. Sidekick audition (my sketch left, final art right), and KangaMan (Art director's sketch top left, my illustration bottom right)
all illustrator, no photoshop
Real tattoo (left) and wraparound arm sleeve tattoo texture for low-poly game character (right)
my Score and Rock meters (Guitar Hero). i suggested the Note Streak meter, which was developed into a popular feature.
World map for music creation game
I mapped the world in the western action adventure game GUN the old fashioned way: manually. I drew it as I walked it, then made numerous calibration adjustments. This was used as mini-map on the HUD.
Mission journal screen for GUN
original Zya drum editor (NOT my work)
renovated Zya drum editor
First cut of my Modulus Goth Black typeface
A sci-fi tech geometric typeface I designed called Anamchara
Guitar Hero
I animated the bone bird by carefully controlling each part's point of rotation and parental hierarchy, and back then it was done in script rather than a visual editor. Guitar Hero
I designed, arted, and scripted this sequence for Guitar Hero 5
You Rock sequence for Guitar Hero World Tour
A PvP screen I illustrated and implemented for Guitar Hero...
...and reinterpreted for Band Hero
Zya music creation for PC (rougher, pre-iOS version)
Zya truck (left)
I designed a board game to explore mechanics (right)
art directed external web developers by doing "paintovers"...
...and doing the design myself sometimes. characters and icons by the Music Mastermind art team.
example from a style guide. communicating vision and making easy to follow guidelines available is key.
example from character animation guidelines
from a pitch document
rough of a color coded vision i had for a studio environment
instrument concept art
elevations to aid environment artists
age verification proposal for Chillingo. illustrations by on-staff artist
player begins in the country on a bicycle, and eventually advances to being a bigwig in a private jet flying over cities
album art for a style pack, characters by Zya's art team
final illustration (not my work)
my illustration rough (passed to another artist)
Gamestick controller skin
This prototype concept won Verizon's 2019 hackathon.
Verizon was interested in using AR to show off 5G's capabilities. Some of this focused on an AR advertising SDK, and placing virtual objects in real world environments.
Pixcha is an app two friends and I produced for classic lo-fi retro pixel image editing
LA-based Daqri was an early AR hardware developer.
Visual Design Grab Bag (graphic, brand, UI, illo)

Visual Design Grab Bag (graphic, brand, UI, illo)

broad range of work from the last few years (and beyond)