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    Hoody repeat print for younger boys
Little Monsters!
Who says a diet of monster movies and comic books rot your brains?!
All those years spent drawing monsters during Maths and French finally pay dividends!
For the Little Monster in your life!
Detail from the All over print.
The Winged Demon was deemed to 'Demonic" so I had to clip his wings and de-horn him.... shame,  he was my favourite!
The new, less "Demonic" ... "Scary Hairy Monster"!
A newer, friendlier, less monstrous AOP design, using some elements of the above design.
While I prefer elements of the initial design, I think this version has a better balance visually.
The finished product, strong, bold colour scheme, with less detailed designs, not always a bad thing when it comes to printing on some fabrics, as they can bleed a little