BOUND BY FLAME - Swamp Creatures Sketches
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    Creature design sketches for Bound By Flame !

Almost a year and a half from now, I worked as a concept artist on the Dark Fantasy RPG "Bound by Flame" (May 2014, PS4, XB360, PS3 and PC), with the Spiders Studio Team,in collaboration with the great artist Camille Bachmann. Eventhough I was the director of cinematics and cut-scenes, I had the chance to do a lot of designs, that I would like to show you through different groups. It was a great experience, with a great team and now good friends. One of my first work as an official character-designer, and even if those pieces are now a little old, I watch them with a lot of emotions. Hope you will enjoy the journey as well, and beware : the demon is inside us all !
All those designs are property of Spiders Games and Focus Home Interactive - 2014
Those are a bunch of sketches for the different creepy monsters you can encounter in the Swamp of Bound By Flame. As you can see, sometimes we need a lot of itterations before getting the final creature done !
It was a lot of fun designing those "things", and even more seeing them taking life and fighting the players !