A flashlight working on blue energy
Bloo is a flashlight, designed within the context of possible electricity blackouts during the winter of 2014 in Belgium. After several of its nuclear reactors had to be taken offline, the country was facing the possibility of electricity shortages, particularly on cold days. That's why the federal government suggested a plan in which selected areas in the country would be pre-emptively disconnected from the power grid when a shortage is expected to endanger the entire grid. These planned disconnections would accur between 17 and 20 PM.

The brief was to design a product that would help people during these blackouts. After mapping out the different activities and needs of households within this time frame, we saw that there is one overarching need; the need of functional lighting.
_Blue energy

Three compartments are seperated from each other by membranes. The middle compartment consists of salt water, the outer compartments of fresh water. Both positively and negatively charged particles are located in the salt water. One of the membranes only lets through the positive particles, the other one only the negative ones. That way, a potential difference has been created from which we can generate electricity.
_ Product 

The final product consists of a lamp that is fully energy-independent. It can be used as a torch light, but also as a table lamp when the upper part is seperated from the base.