Obsessive Lingerie Company
Photo session | Image Ad Campaign
The idea by Irena Czusz, inspired by famous Brigitte Bardot's photos from 60's.
First image campaign in the history of Obsessive, so, maybe why that campaign was abandoned by client.

agency: Creamteam
creative: Irena Czusz and mareksy
art direction: Irena Czusz
script and storyboards: Irena Czusz
location: Pod Róża Hotel Cracow Poland
photo: Michal Pasich
model: Iza Folga/ Mango Models
hairdresser: Małgorzata Babicz
make-up: Magdalena Paluch
stylist: Kamila Picz
post-processing: mareksy/ Michał Pasich
…and then,
while all girls are tired
and need rest,
but photographers
haven't enough :)...

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