Impressions. Czech Republic
  A short (or maybe not) tale about my stay while trying to do some science
     First of all, I need to start from the early beginning... How I get from Ukraine to Czech Republic? Maybe for someboby travelling is easy, especially if one was living this way from his childhood. I'm not complaining, for me it was not so hard too, but not as easy as it may seems like.
     I was crossing the borders of Ukraine for a short visits only twice before. Always lived at my parents apartment. In other words, I never lived my life alone!
     A decision was taken quite easy, one day I realized "I want to do some science a bit more, but a real science, something to improve society" and that desicion prolong for additional 3 years (one more is coming) my ability to be a bit more free that a normal person. It was an illusion, though, but at the beginning I didn't realize that. :)

     My first camera was compact Olympus with 5Mpx and 3x optical zoom, which principally allowed to perform action "make picture". Images satisfied me for some time. But years passed (such an awkward phrase), the quality of pictures become worse, I started to see that it doesn't represents the emotions I felt while photoshooting, also very often the photo was too bad (even now very often it is, but maybe a small tiny bit less). I bought my second compact camera Canon IS 210. The results were much, much better. Now, though, I already started seeing the camera also limits me, but still it allows getting nice (hopefully you will agree) photos.

     This album represents 5 different places in Czech Republic I saw during my visits in  Bohemia and Moravia parts of Czech Republic. Each photo will have few sentences, which maybe help you to understand a bit of what you may feel when you will go there.

     Yeah, last comment. This is not a story about Czech Republic, this is not a story about people, their traditions, or anything other you may think. This is my experience and emotions I tried to put in a way of photography. Maybe you may see it or feel it too, if you visit the same places. Or, maybe, not.

Enjoy! ^_^
     Brno. Somewhere in 50 meters from main square there is a place called restaurace Vyhlidkova, where you actually can see the roofs of the city. It is about the same height as 7 floor building. I took that picture from there, at about 5 pm. The view is at the castle Spielberk (which is not a castle, as i think).
     Although the colors may look a bit scary, Brno is one of the most  peaceful places I ever been.
     Usti nad Labem. I was here as a visiting researcher, to do some experiments, but luckily I had 4 days of weekends, which allowed me to discover the town and nearest surroundings. That was a third day. A building you see on the photo is ... (I actually not sure by 100%) 16 floor building. I'm sitting on a hill, looking for a watch tower, which had 54 stairs, as six bikers confirm to each other. I felt I'm somewhere in other place of the universe.
     Znojmo. I visited that town three times, and each time I found in it something new. There is just some kind of weird atmosphere of village, past time and peace.
     Cesky Krumlov. That is probably the Bohemian essence of Czech Republic. A place is worth to see even more than Prague, as I think.
     Ceske Budejovice. A town filled with energy. Everything in Ceske Budejovice is smaller than you may expect to feel large enough to be nice: streets, buildings, parks, lake. But, somehow, I felt like that town had some non-visible flow of life energy.
     To be continued...