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A Hell of Their Own Making

A Hell of Their Own Making
Hanging Sculpture by Visual Artist Grey Cross

The piece represents the ability of humans to create our own versions of hell and that whether we are saint or sinner, we still have that innate ability within ourselves to not only create the fantasy, but cast ourselves within it.

Cast upon the piece are 12 ghastly disembodied heads, representing the twelve Apostles of Christian bible. Each Apostle is roasting in hell. At the bottom are two scenes.  The first on the right represents Golgotha, with three crosses with nailed skeletons upon each.  The fires of hell roar behind them. The second on the left represents a headless evangelist preaching to a congregation of skeletons who are roasting in a river of fire.  Above the evangelist rests a golden cross, also on fire.

In the center is Jesus Christ, lying dead within the cave of the resurrection. His hair is rumpled and he has an overly large and stiff penis. He drips fresh blood that falls to the canvas below.
Materials Used
This piece was constructed on canvas. The center of the canvas has been removed and replaced by a translucent frame that allows for the center to be backlit, casting an almost ethereal glow on the center figure.  
The faces of each Apostle were individually created by the artist, allowing for each face to have its own features and attitude. Using aluminum foil, cast over a skull shape and then filled with grout, the foil can be molded prior to grouting to create individual shapes, wrinkles, scars and other facial features. Once the grout dries, clay is added to each face, to give them better features and allow for noses, ears and other appendages. Once dried, the whole face is painted with acrylics. Several have them even have real hair and beards that were attached after painting. The whole face is then permanently affixed to the canvas.
The background was created using hot colored wax laid down in a pattern across the canvas and then melted together to form the multi-colored flames of hell. The blood of Jesus and the lava exploding from each volcano is also made of a heavier wax, giving it not only texture but depth.
The faces, as well as the volcanoes were formed using quick drying pure white grout which is then painted over. Acrylic paints are then applied over the grout and the wax. This particular piece uses metallic acrylics creating the illuminated glow even in places where the light isn’t shining through from the back.
The original concept of the piece came from a dream the artist had, who then translated it into a piece of art. There are approximately 90 man hours put into the piece. Everything, including the frame and the canvas, was hand crafted by the artist. The frame has been triple reinforced to guarantee it can support the weight of the sculpted areas of the canvas.
The artist suggests for illumination, both front lighting and back lighting and considers a red bulb to be the best lighting from behind.
Sculpture Stats
6 feet high by 6 feet across
36 square feet of surface area
Approximately 25 pounds in weight
This piece is available for purchase.
US Currency $10,500 plus shipping and handling
Please be aware that this piece requires special shipping to keep it safe from damage. For questions please contact the studio at:
A Hell of Their Own Making

A Hell of Their Own Making

A Hell of Their Own Making Hanging Sculpture by Visual Artist Grey Cross Materials Used This piece was constructed on canvas. The center of th Read More