"Hank Is Evil" is a web, comedy series and later a movie that centers around an old-fashioned, Snidely Whiplash style villain name Hank. The 12-episode series follows Hank's exploits as he tries to become the top villain in his hometown of Peoria, Illinois.
Aside from creating the title-card for the show (pictured above), throughout the course of the series I was asked to create specific logos for certain characters. A lot of those designs found their way to t-shirts, which can be purchased here.
Captain Savior
Hank's main foil was a local super-hero named Captain Savior. Picture a drunken frat-boy with super-powers. I kept his logo slender and elegant, which is a perfect representation for how the Captain thinks he acts.
Robot Strangler
He's from the future and he defeats robots by strangling them. One of the more absurd characters in the Hank universe, Robot Strangler is never said to be a hero or villain. But he was a crazy enough character to earn his own, custom made costume.
"Hank is Evil" Poster
Utilizing the simplified style I used for the Hank "EVIL!" t-shirt, I attempted to tell Hank's story in a single frame. He's an old-fashioned villain. He's evil. He's proud of it. And judging from the "damsel" who's escaping as he gloats to himself, he's not too good at it.