I was invited to design a poster for a climate action rally organized by 350 NOLA, the local branch of 350.org. The purpose of the rally was to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline, so the poster art depicts that pipeline as a gash across the United States with crude oil spilling out of it and a heron escaping. The idea was that the "second line" (behind the text "Second Line") is "crossing out" the proposed line. Now, this concept may not come through very clearly, but the client loved the rich and kinetic direction the art ended up taking. 
Because I knew these might be wheatpasted multiple times within a space, I created two different color schemes for the posters to maintain visual interest. Environmentalist icon and 350.org leader Bill McKibben even requested a print to frame and hang in his home. (I am told that the de rigueur response is "squee.")
I designed the posters, hand cards, and social media headers. It was pretty cool to see the poster pasted all over town. Not to mention to contribute meaningfully to a cause I believe in.
Here I am pleased as punch next to a Draw the Second Line poster pasted adjacent to a bit of protected graffiti by the street artist, Priest.