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    Character design of two amazing characters of the chose-your-own adventure Jenny LeClue.
Jenny LeClue is a handmade choose-your-own adventure created by Joe Russ, the CEO from the awesome studio Mografi. Recently the game was (more than) successfully founded through a Kickstarter Campaign, and is currently in production.
In this project I had the pleasure of developing the concept art of Arthur K. Finklestein, the author. I also was in charge of remaking the already existing concept art of Jenny.
For Arthur K. Finklestein I decided to make an old intelectual and friendly folk that is always with his pipe and his coffee. The warm, dark colours were chosen to show his austerity and also his own personality.
When I got in charge of Jenny she was pretty much defined (check the gallery below to see Joe’s studies), so it was easier to create than the author. Joe mainly wanted me to keep the main idea, just refining some details and shapes. Was a pretty fun experience, as Jenny is a very fun character!
This project is sure going to be awesome, so keep an eye in their Official Page and don’t forget to floss! :-)