Creating a brand for myself was probably the most difficult thing to do. Because I wanted to let it reflect a lot of things at once. My obsession with cities, my love for for patterns and geometrical shapes, and I wanted to have a dynamic element with which I could play around with. As impossible as it seemed at first, I ended up with something which features all of these elements; cities, patterns, geometrical shapes and a dynamic element. 
My goal was to create a simple isometric logo with the first letter of my name. I wanted to have a subtle 3-D effect while keeping the style ‘flat’ and ‘clean’. I added a final square around it in the final version to emphasise this ‘flat’ look and creating the feel of a stamp or watermark, which can be added underneath my artwork. 
I wanted to have something playful, something dynamic that can change overtime. The result is a pattern, created of individual isometric ‘pieces’, which can be put together in random order, creating a new city to explore overtime. Pieces consist of roads, parks, roofs, windows, doors, walls and more. I decided to keep away from a fixed colour style and use different colour combinations every time. 
Ofcourse, I had to come up with a font to go along with the rest of the visual style. At first I wanted to have an isometric font but decided that this was 'to much' because the pattern is also already isometric. Because the pattern is very busy in appearance, I aimed for a clean and easy to make font and came up with a simple grid in which each of the letters can be formed with 90 degree curves and straight parts. 
The ever-changing pattern is especially suited for business cards and other print material. This way, every card has it’s own unique look & feel. The cards become more than just a piece of information, they become a work of art in itself. 
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