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    Warzone will be an online gaming league.
Warzone will be a professional online gaming league. Currently it is under development. I won't use any pre-made CMS or "ladder-system", so the "engine" will be coded by me. The current design is a free one, it is used just for testing the functions. Before the launch it will be totally redesigned.
Software used: Microsoft Webmatrix
This is the "My account" page. You can edit each field (except the IPs and the "Modified" cells). Also you can see here the positive feedbacks.
This is the list of the users. You can see the First and Last used IPs, delete the account, set admin and/or superadmin rights and do a search for the IPs, so if anyone else has the same IP, you can see that.
The main page looks like this when you are logged in. It welcomes you on your nickname if you have entered it, otherwise it will use your email address instead of your nick.
The drop-down box at the top of the page. You can register or login from it, so it's a really useful part of the site.
Other players' account look like this. You can give him/her +1 if he/she was helpful.
The whole log of IPs. You can easily search from the database.