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    Sirio Color Postal Promotion
Sirio Color Postal Promotion
This brief was to generate a postal item to send to potential customers. A promotional item that would encourage designers and Illustrators alike to use Fedrigoni Sirio Color paper & Card. (Fedrigoni spell it color, brief regs) 
I aimed my piece of work at level where it would stand out. Sending something out that would grab the eye and encourage the user to explore deeper into the capabilities of the paper/card and the design of the item. This reaching the user on the two levels, making it a very dynamic promotional tool. Each issue represents a body part, illustrated with a message that the consumer can relate to: 
'Creative block' - Brain (No ideas), the digestive system - 'Designers Diet' (Alcohol, Sweets, Coffee etc), Arms - 'Designers Eblow' (Aching drawing, scalping, designing etc) 'Negative Space' (Relating the design technique and the lack of muscle in the arm) and Legs - 'Creatives Clot' (From the amount of the sitting down illustrated via a Mac error message), 'Designers Ride' (Traveling everywhere by foot via an engine for the knee).
All these would then collect together to illustrate a loose diagram of the body together in anatomical fashion. All of which demonstrates the use of simple, high quality coloured card. Hopefully sparking the creative mind of the recipients enabling them to see the quality of product.