Zavrtnica’s new look
Challenge: Think of a striking and economical solution to refresh Zagreb’s Zavrtnica business centre. It is a collection of heterogeneous structures found within a former factory complex. 

Solution: We used typotecture - extremely large scale typography on architectural structures, and treated the entire block with four buildings as a whole. This respects the form, while also creating added value, both in terms of graphics and signalization. “Legible” typography would counter the architecture, and the text would become the dominant feature. 

We used a “non-colour” in the central block within the complex, to tone it down, and to create an anchor to draw in the surrounding buildings. We painted the central structure (No.10) in white, raising it up out of the black foundation and surrounding buildings, and making it exceptionally visible.
Damjan Geber, architect
Srdjana Alac, product designer

Branimir Sabljic, graphic designer