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    context and sensitive design
Sustainable settlement in Slovenia
Skofja Loka is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Slovenia and lies on the confluence of the rivers and SelskaPolijanska Sora, at the foot of the slopes of the mountainous area.
The city boasts a rich cultural heritage due mainly to the 830 years of management of the bishops of Freising in 973 whohave received a fief of Skofja Loka area, part of the plain of Sorsko Polje as well as the valleys and Poljanska Selska Dolina.The event has helped transform the village in the administrative, economic and cultural life of the great feudal estate, whichover the centuries has taken on the appearance typical of the medieval city. Despite fires, earthquakes, epidemics of plague and the attacks that plagued the city since the sixteenth century onwards Skofja Loka essentially did not change their appearance.
Today is considered to reason the best preserved medieval town in Slovenia.
The glorious past has left a significant historical and cultural heritage, seen at every step. The old nucelo city, dominated by the castle of Skofja Loka, is surrounded by city walls and churches richly accompanied by parades, colorful houses,interesting museums and galleries, the old bridge and a barn of all respect.

PROJECT aims to create a viable alternative in a complex scenario of urban transformation and strategic expansion of the urban fabric regardless of the characteristics of the context.
The municipal government has approved the variation of an important link that bypasses the city center infrastructure by creating a new border expansion of the city.
The project will be exhibited here, contrasts with the development of design actions speculation that in some cases is already occurring.