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    A short manga I drew for fun, which was published in NL :)
<Read from left to right>
This is a manga I made for fun (with a little touch of service for girls :P) and it has been pulished by Aniway on their anniversary issue. :) 
Simply put, it's a story about valuing what you already have. 
 As obvious as it is, I wanted to make a very simple story about "bromance" (just kidding, that is not the main topic). 
In this story you can see the growth of the blond protagonist, when he first was ashamed to share an umbrella with a male friend. Subtly I have showned that his brunette friend wasn't happy about it either, but he cares about his buddy's health enough to swallow his pride. At some point in the beginning he was trying to be cool with it when the blondie was complaining about "sharing an umbrella with another dude".
I aimed to express the story in a fun voice, with many exaggerated emotions and out-of-the-blue happenings for comical touch. 
Although I will not say something such as "settle with what you have", I would agree that it is necessary to love and enjoy what you are blessed with.
And yes I did jump in joy in the book store :)