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    Watch design for Denissov Watch Company. Limited edition. 500 pcs.
Watch design for Denissov Watch Company
When creating NAUTIULUS watches, we aspired to develop a theme of sea and its mysterious depths. The power of this element will probably be forever petrifying humanity. We were inspired by the image of the pioneer who, already in 1800, had been able to create a functioning model of a submarine and had been the first human in history looking at the see depths from within.

In particular, Mr. Fulton, an American, had made a brilliant and successful attempt to design and produce a submerged-sailing machine of a streamlined shape, named NAUTIULUS.

This theme is reflected in design of the watches by ergonomical smooth lines forming the case of watches of the NAUTIULUS series. When designing these watches, we have withdrawn from the stereotypical perception of what the post-USSR-produced watches “must” look like. By introducing the complicated shape of an irregular hexahedron, mathematically calculating a harmony of proportions, and adjusting the linear curvature, we have created easily recognizable and ergonomical watches that ideally fit any hand.

When creating NAUTIULUS watches, we have accepted the priority of functionality over design as the most important thesis. NAUTIULUS watches do not have a single occasional element.

For time-counting, our watches use a Swiss-made automatic winding-up movement. The case is made of stainless steel, and its structural features (in particular, a back cover on screws and a screwing crown) allow it to reach water-resistance as good as 100 m. Its caoutchouc-rubber strap following the shape of a case does not suffer from moisture, and possesses a sinuous relief on an inside surface, guaranteeing that watches strongly adjoin the hand, and at the same time ensuring good vapor- and air exchange for the hand. Also worth noting are: the protection from extra temperatures, which is provided by the means of the case’s specificshape, and, certainly, the element necessary for marine watches, that is light-accumulating superluminova coating placed on hands and hour-marks of the watches.