The exhibition at the Budapest Design Week presents a selection of outstanding projects from recent years. Everyday life, its context and workings, our daily habits and dilemmas are the core themes of contemporary Dutch design, thus the new technologies and services that increasingly dominate our lives open new territories for designers, too. Innovation in this field often comes from traditional, informal or community cultures. Projects that emerge from such contexts make it possible to domesticate technology and development with solutions that regard old and new as parts of the same world.
The designers of the exhibited projects will talk about their work in presentations and workshops during the Design Week. Discussions will also include their topics of professional interest and local examples as references. What can we learn about a state through its visual language? How can we rethink how railways function? How does a small town community turn into secret developers? Can design provide medical assistance? And military assistance? Questions like these and others await the participants. 
Curator: Samu Szemerey
Installation: Studio Nomad
Graphic design: Nóra Demeczky
Photo: Balázs Danyi 
The intelligence of everyday life, exhibition