PANSiK Scuola Di Moda
Under the surface of our times’ fast rhythms, you can find a School with its heart beating in the pulse of Fashion. PANSIK Scuola di Moda was founded in 1977 by Theodore Panagopoulos in co-operation with the Italian House GRAND CHIC / GRANDE DI MODA ITALIA, and has, ever since, provided its students with courses in all sections of fashion, covering successfully the industry’s needs. PANSIK is a private educational institute which specializes in the areas of Fashion, Beauty and Media, is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and EKEPIS, and its Diploma is recognized in Greece and in Europe. With experience of 35 years in fashion, PANSIK is still a pioneer in education, providing its students with specialized courses, adapted to the market’s current demands and technologies, aiming at their complete and thorough training. PANSIK is the first educational institute that introduced to the Greek people the meaning of Fashion Styling, Fashion Marketing, Media & Communication, PR & Event Management, and that is why it is recognized as the top school in the field of the Creative Arts and one of the best schools for the upcoming and successful professionals. The specialized and qualitative studies that PANSIK offers is the power that motivates and guides its acclaimed graduates who have created their own history in the Fashion industry.
Our key focus was to create an amazing highly recognizable logo and brand identity . The corporate identity was carefully crafted knowing what it takes to bring the best solutions for a modern brand.  Working together with Pansik we got some basic guidelines about how to communicate properly, taking into account that we needed to design an identity that would differentiate it from the competitive fashion schools and colleges.
The corporate image had to be innovative and avant-garde opposed to the existing classic standards of the marketplace. We proposed a fresh and irreverent design without losing the essence of the structure, the function of the shape and the minimalism which we automatically relate to the field of contemporary design. The branding process began with the logo design referring to the company name, complemented by a clean stencil typography. We developed a clean, minimal and structured corporate identity in order to reflect the modern aesthetics and the minimalistic philosophy of the School. The content of the whole pack and the basic applications that we recommended for the formal representation of the company consists of: business cards, corporate folder. letterhead, envelopes, promotional material (pens, pencils, t-shirts etc).

Client: Pansik Scuola Di Moda
Design: Corn Studio