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Lather and Stitch Logo
​​​​​​​Design a logo for Lather & Stitch — a one-woman business specializing in handcrafted crochet and natural soaps. The logo should express the essential aspects of the craft: esthetics [beautiful]; responsibility [natural]; purpose [functional]; and technique [stitched]. Another aspect of the design approach is to create two separable elements (logotype and symbol) that blend smoothly into an integrated logo and yet each of which is unique enough to identify Lather & Stitch on its own.

Client: Lather & Stitch | Columbus, OH, United States
Date: Oct 2014
Right angles were broken by rotating the symbol 15 degree to add more vitality and uniqueness.
To reduce the width of the three-word brand name,
 1. A condensed font was used
 2. A stitched “+” replaced “and”
 3. The stitched “+” replaced the spaces and functions as a separator
 4. “S” and “t” combined in one ligature
Color Palette
Earth colors (pale brown, green and yellow) were used to emphasise the natural and ethical credentials of Lather and Stitch, especially with their natural soaps. These colors were complemented with muted Candy Pink to add a touch of femininity, to appeal to the target audience.
The Logo

Prepared by Ahmad Ajlouny
for Ashley's Lather & Stitch
Oct 2014
Lather and Stitch Logo


Lather and Stitch Logo

Logo design for Lather & Stitch, a one woman business specializing in handcrafted crochet and natural soaps.