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    promotion video
This video targeted undergraduate transfer students considering Adelphi University.
As lead designer, the creative strategy was to use a journal as a prop to capture the perspective of a student's point of view. While jottiing down notes to self (and doodling) about the benefits of transferring to Adelphi University, the student's doodle of the caterpillar comes to life. The caterpillar takes you through a journey of facts about the school. In keeping with the transformation conecpt for the campaign, follow the caterpillar as it makes it's way through the journal.
I supervised the student animator; collaborated with the musician and videographer providing edits for the sound and video to fit the within 30 seconds.
The team: Writer and co-strategist, Ela Schwartz; Student animator, John Anglin; Music, Rebecca Brandt; Adelphi logo animation, Peter J. Varkey; Still images, Shutterstock; Video editing was outsourced. 
Preliminary storyboards.