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    A few promotional posters for NAU's UTV62
NAU Student-run TV Station
I joined UTV to get experience working with other creative disciplines creating content that was needed and greatly appreciated. My first semester was with a very small group of designers creating general content for the station. The following three posters was my day of fun with watercolors to create a bright, eye-catching poster to get students' attention. My idea to add to the UTV brand, was the tagline 'TV for YOU, MADE by U," to emphasize the community aspect of the station.

Below the posters is an illustration for a sticker that was given away, and will continue to be used at promotional events. The flier beneath it was the promotional event the stickers were given away at, held at a local flagstaff restaurant.

My current semester, I moved up to work with the management staff in the design department, acting as a bridge between the producers and the advertisers. Our crew has tripled in size, and it seems we will be making some great changes for the station.

I'm excited to post our work as the semester goes on, so stay tuned! 

This is a design for a UTV sticker, as we were asked to create random stickers to promote the station.