Alamein Olympic City
Alamein, Egypt .... 
General Trend 
In the beginning of a new movement to develop El-Alamein as A million city comes the importance of constructing such project as being rare in Egypt... As the sport field became in the top priority in most countries because it is the most important way for nations to get known to each other's and it is an important factor of publishing Peace among nations...
For these reasons and as the sports field witness a good development in Egypt these days so it is necessary to have an Olympic village.
Starting with simple rectangle shape .. and making crack that includs people circulationthat sympolys to the power that found in sports ..The shade idea is to began from the ground & ends to ground means finishing what the people were doing.. .
Sports hall site shows the idea of the shade wich is to feel with the gradient from level 0 in the ground to the end of the building arrives to level 0 this makes the visitor feels comfert & fusion in the building skeleton ...   
Sports Hall Elevation
Interior zones of Sports Hall
Structural Analysis