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3D A N I M A T I O N S

Tribute to one of my favourite video games 🕹️❤️
Music credit: Original Track of the Movie
 Super Mario Bros 
Tribute to one of the best electronic music bands 🤖
Music credit: Giorgio by Moroder, Daft Punk
 Daft Punk 
Tribute to one of my favourite movies: Star Wars ❤️
Music credit: Imperial March (official trap remix)
 Stormtroopers in Free Time 
Seduction • Equilibrium • Confrontation • Deportation • Contention
An experiment with 3D techniques and really cool music (HD version in Vimeo).
Pixel Dancer
3D logo model and animation for a kid´s brand of USA (HD version in Vimeo).
Yumm Yumm hair products
Renaissance "Leonardo Da Vinci vs. Michelangelo Buonarroti"
Surrealism "Salvador Dalí vs. René Magritte"
Pop Art "Andy Warhol vs. Roy Lichtenstein"
Deconstructive Art Gallery #21
3D logo model and animation for a YouTube Kids channel (FHD version in Vimeo).
The Mila & Sienna Channel - YouTube
3D logo model & animation for hand made shoes shop (HD version in Vimeo).
La Jolla Hand Made Shoes
El Rock it´s my latest video for MYLCH band (FHD version in Vimeo).
El Rock - MYLCH
Inspired in most geometric beauty; the nature (FHD version in Vimeo).
Geometric Beauty II
3D animation of Migue´s character (
FHD versions in Vimeo).
Migue (gold edition)
These are a loop animations in 4K. Can be applicate on any set (4K versions in Vimeo).
3D Football Chroma Key Resource​​​​​​​s
3D animation of Migue´s character (
FHD versions in Vimeo).
An armony -night shapes- (
FHD version in Vimeo).
Night Shapes
Featured by V-Ray Chaos Group
3D emojis of Sashimi´s character (HD version in
3D logo animation for the best streaming community of Latin America (HD version in
Coscu Army - Argentina Game Show
A remake of moving shapes (HD version in
Moving Crystals
(HD versions in Vimeo).
Nike flex
(HD version in Vimeo).
HOT ideas
(HD version in Vimeo).
Experimental Sculpt
Packaging relaunch (HD version in Vimeo).
Downy - P&G Brasil
(HD version in Vimeo).
Melt Marks
(HD version in Vimeo).
Stranger Things
(HD version in Vimeo).
Better Think Pop
Real Me
Inspired in nature, a shapes and colors game (HD versions in Vimeo).
Flowers & Spines
Institutional animations (HD versions in Vimeo).

Color Elasticity
My intention was represent the stranger human metamorphosis
through to a simple metal (HD version in Vimeo).
Gold Rush
An armony -moving shapes- (FHD versions in Vimeo).
Moving Shapes (steel and colorful version)
Inspired in mexican culture (HD version in Vimeo).

Piedra del Sol
A remake of my project Geometric Numbers (HD version in
Geometric Colorful Numbers
Study project (HD version in
Coca Cola
To enjoy the 3D effect, use the anaglyph glasses (HD version here).
3D Attack!
My intention was represent the effects and consequences
of cocaine in a simple and strong image.
For The Owl Fountain Digital Action

3D Coin - Banco Hipotecario
Geometric Numbers
3D A N I M A T I O N S


3D A N I M A T I O N S

Some of my 3D animation projects. I hope you like them!