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    These are some of the past projects I have done.
These are some of the bikes I have designed for customers and industry.
This CBR1000RR was created for the CEO of a large telecom giant. It's parked in his office as a conversation piece (nice!).  I used paint colors from Honda's 1970's  color palette, and applied a
modern style to mimic the airstream. It looks so much better in real life, as the colors are so
vibrant against the pearl white base. 
Here I took a brand new model and applied the military bobber influence for the purposes of driving more sales into the Honda showroom. I colorized two seperate machines for Honda to use at the International Motorcycle Show.
Influenced by the graffiti seen in the alleyways of every city, I wanted to apply this motif on a bike, and hired a graffiti artist to pull it off authentically.
Here is a 2006 BMW HP2 which I created to look like a Super Motard Baja Racer. The Hella spot lamps have the signature glow rings like the BMW's of old. I had to fabricate my own mounts for these lights. I had Ohlins create the rear shock for me, before they came out with a similar retail product. I needed to shorten the ride height, as I couldn't even get on the bike.  Other mods include the Akrapovic muffler, ceramic coated pipes on the inside, and high heat powdercoating on the
outside. a sticker kit which I had 'cleared in' during the paint process and CRG bar end
Here's a 2004 Harley-Davidson 'Nightrain' which I continued forward with the blacked out theme, using crinkle, semi-satin and gloss black paint throughout the bike. I put tall risers and a short rise handlebar on it. to finish it off, I chromed every bolt & nut for contrast. A mild build which spurned my creation of the blacked out 2004 V-Rod.
I love Bimota motorcycles since I was a child, yet they are not available in my country.  I applied a 'bimotaesque' theme to this bike, and it looked great. Unfortunately it was sold & written off 
within a week by the squid who bought it.  Tiered licensing anyone??
This is a 2006 Nightrain which I created for a millionaire. He gave me a big budget. I asked him
what he wanted in terms of design, to which he replied "I like black, so do what you do". OK I said.
I mounted a huge tire to the front wheel, and cut the front fender in half, welded some steel to it, to widen it, then it was off to the english wheel for some shaping. The chrome on the entire bike was darkened by adding more of a chemical called oxide during the chroming process. What we now
know as 'black chome'. I also bought a pair of Supertrapp sportbike exhausts and modified them
to fit a Harley. Belt buckles for tank badges as well as the assorted attention to the minutae.
This bike now resides in Prince Edward Island. Harley-Davidson introduced their version
of a fat front tired bike in 2008 on their 'Dyna' platform. It's called the 'Fat Bob'.
This bike was done for the first "Powerhouse' concept store, to drive traffic into the showroom. Even the brake discs were colorized.
This is the other bike that I mildy customized for Honda Canada for their booth at the International Motorcycle Show. Both bikes ended up being done at my expense! You meet the nicest people on a Honda (sic).
The original 'Dark Knight'. I have a seperate portfolio on this bike, which took the world by storm once Harley-Davidson got behind this design exercise!
An 'old school' motif for a policeman friend of mine. Note the white frame! He has been with me from day one, chronolizing every step I took in my attempt to show the motor company that I would make a good designer for their company. It was he that wrote the bio on the 2004 V-Rod in another portfolio here on Behance.
The inspiration for the Harley-Davidson 'Deluxe' model. A CD of images was placed directly in the hands of Mr. Willie G. Davidson whilst at a dealer meeting with the owner of the store I ran.
The rest they say is history.
A "Dead Head" sticker and bananna boards. I have this image framed on my office wall.
The Wildest Stock Softail of theYear :
There's portfolio on this bike, on Behance.
Another shot of the dark knight.
The March 2005 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine. The bike's world debut and a footprint in chronolized history.
Jesse James and I at Discovery Channel Studios (2003) with the bike that spurrned the Harley-Davidson Deluxe. He signed the bike just prior to a Canada AM interview. Sarah Harley & Jean Davidson were also present. It was a great time. 
One of the bikes I created for Honda Canada made it onto a popular magazine, where I got the centre spread.
My first magazine cover!! Hopefully not my last. I'll keep trying.