Cesar Millan Live Tours Website
Web design
I have been designing and building the websites for Cesar Millan's Live Tours for the past two years.  In that time I have created websites for the UK, Canada, European and Australia/New Zealand Tours.

The website is the first port of call for visitors as all TV and print advertising points to
cesarmillanlive.com for details on tour dates and links to purchase tickets.

As part of the show Cesar works with local dogs and owners and a major element of the website is the online application process for dog owners applying for their dog to appear on stage with Cesar.  This includes uploading photos and video footage and completing an online questionnaire. Those that are selected also go through a secure, password protected confirmation process.  The website also has a secure section for media that is only accessible by password and footage and photos are available for download.  The entire application process is managed online.

I work closely with Erick Millan, the Creative Director for Cesar's Way, who is responsible for the tour art direction, to ensure it reflects the tour artwork.