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    Branding and package design for TEGA.

Branding / Package

First, we developed the logo. We needed something modern and upscale. A thin, sans serif custom type was developed. While geometric, each letter flows into each other, creating an organic, natural sensation (which is made obvious by the leaf). 

Then came the packaging. The client used a typical Craft bag, which hurt the product's shelf life and limited us to the typical "organic" look. We recommended the client to switch to an hermetic, aluminum foil & clear poly bag which increased the cluster's lifespan and was cheaper. The package design itself followed a simple paradigm: "Look at me". We already had a shiny package, but how could we compliment it without dulling it or making it too tacky? The answer: Neon colors printed on UV-protected paper. We chose neon because we were competing mostly with earth based color palettes, and also because they transmit the potent and distinct flavor of each of the products. All information in the package is printed on white too create a sharp, yet easy to read contrast.

For Omnívoro (www.soyomnivoro.com)