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    Identity Design / Re-Brand for a media strategy company.
Insert Culture
Re-Brand / Identity Facelift & Renaming
The owner of this media strategy company did his Masters thesis in media studies, he specifically studied how we interact with media and the different forms that our media manifests itself in. 
His initial logo was an insert for a 7" single record, the insert allowed single records—with their large holes—to be played on standard record players. This was one of the earliest instances of how our media—the analog record—could be modified in order for us to utilize it's contents, i.e., listen to music.
We wanted to keep this initial concept intact, while creating an identity that was more appropriate for the technology sector that our client's company deals in. To do this, we simply extracted the 7" single insert from the record and in it's place we inserted the letter "C" to represent "Culture." 
Twisting the letter C 45 degrees counter clockwise made the mark look more like a 7" single record, while also giving the mark more of a "techy" feel.
The analog roots of media and their tactility was important to our client, so we had to create an identity package that was techy, but still harkened back to the palpable feel of analog media. We found that using a serious black and white color palette with sans serif type kept things looking technical, while thick card stock and letterpress printing added a feeling of tactility.
"The team at Barnickel Design did way more than transform my logo and brand into a clean, modern design that gets noticed both in print and online, but they helped transform the business itself with insightful brand strategy that helped make 2011 our best year yet at Insert Culture. Rob and the Barnickel team offered some of the best service and support we've ever had — he's spoiled us and we now compare all our contract work to the stunning job Rob did for us."

-Andrew Nealon, Owner of Insert Culture