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    graffiti robot
Graff Robot
experiments with motion capture data and procedural gait.
C++, OpenNI, OpenGL
These are prototypes of a 'graffitized' robot.

One is an experiment with creating a procedural walk cycle with simple trigonometric functions.

The second experiment uses motion capture data in the BVH format to animate the skeleton. The ground contact is handled dynamically by calculating the offset of the foot joints with the ground.
This avoids 'foot skating' effects in the animations and does not limit the position of the robot to the positions defined in the data.

I also made a quick test with controlling the robot through a kinect, using the OpenNI library for skeleton tracking.

The first two apps are downloadable on my website:
They should run fine on a mac with Mac OSX 10.5 or later and a decent graphics card.
A video with music of the robot dancing. This is an edit of live recordings of the software running   
Some screenshots from another version of the software ( it's downloadable in the link above ) 
A test video of the robot controlled by a Microsoft Kinect