3D Modeling
Software : Rhinoceros 3D
Final product
Venum cup are built for the most demanding athletes, looking for
peak and unmatched groin protection.
Technical features:
- Three-layers shock absorbers for supreme groin protection.
- Anatomical design replicates the athlete's body shape and provides unrestricted mobility.
- Rubber gel shield minimizing impact effects and providing a high level of comfort.
- Perfectly adapted for Venum Dry Tech™ supporter cup allowing an optimal maintain.
- Developed in collaboration with Venum World Class Athletes.
Side View + Support
3D Modeling
Software : Rhinoceros 3D
Graphic parts
Software : Illustrator + Photoshop

Final packaging
Front and back view
Venum is a manufacturer of Mixed Martial Arts Apparel and Equipment. They currently sponsor some of the best MMA-fighters in the world.
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