• 21 avril
    Thoughts about the French Presidential Elections
  • It is commonly said that French young people aren't policitally invested. According to Mingle Trend more than 10 percent of the 18-39 yrs-old (and 20% of the 18-19) declared they wouldn't go voting on the 22nd of April. These pictures, taken on the day before the election (that is to say, at the highest peak of tension) tend to demonstrate that maybe those persons do care about politics, but without believing in them anymore. What these images show is a struggle embodied by a visual violence ; struggle between partisans, struggle between candidates, struggle between people and politicians.

    Political posters become the right ground to express one's views and feelings about the candidates, and they suddenly reveal on the walls something about the mood of the country. Individual voices can emerge in front of everyone through the gesture of destroying, tearing, scribbling ; the idea of a vote flooded among thousands of other anonymous voices is refused and fought by these protesters. That is why these pictures deal with the need to express and to be heard.

    While shooting, it also helped me to see these posters again : as the presidential campaign was very long, everybody became so used to the image of the candidates that they do not really pay attention to them anymore, each look being already worn-out. The rugosity, randomness and uncanny deformation provoked by the way they are pasted bring one to consider them with a new virgin look and to focus more on them. Always similar, always different, these photos are a non-exhaustive gallery of the many political masks...

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