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    Volume IV of the movie poster collection "What If: Movies ReImagined for Another Time and Place." Covering various films that hit theaters the su… Read More
    Volume IV of the movie poster collection "What If: Movies ReImagined for Another Time and Place." Covering various films that hit theaters the summer and fall of 2014 along with a few others from the past decade and beyond. Read Less
The collection continues -- a mix of some of the hits from summer and fall 2014, which can be found in the issues of European cinema magazine SoFilm. Others being random hits from years past. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the previous collections: Vol I, Vol II and Vol III. As of the moment, these posters are not for sale nor are the digital files for them.
Hellboy - the hit film from Ridley Scott, following the success of his previous movie BladeRunner.
After the overwhelming success of The Ten Commandments, Cecil B. DeMille wanted to do one more film before bad health took the best of him; a film no one had experienced before. Out came Interstellar.
Abandoning the sweet family oriented musical films, Shirley Temple shocked audiences by starring in this violent (for the time at least) action film with all-stars Katharine Hepburn, Tyrone Power and Peter Lorre.
Costa Gavras reinvents the Muppets with this groundbreaking/in-your-face movie. You will never look at Kermit and the crew the same way. Be prepared.
French New Wave just got a little mental as Francois Truffaut explores the power of the mind with Jean Seberg as an accidentally powerfully gifted woman who is using all aspects of her brain.
Kenneth Anger slowly approaches the mainstream world while Marilyn Monroe slowly leaves the mainstream world with this unique and experimental science ficiton film about a woman who is not of this earth with an intriguing mission.
After winning audiences over with his role in The Graduate, Dusitn Hoffman appears not just as the protagonist but as the antagonist as well. With supporting roles from Carl Reiner and Mia Farrow, this loose adaption of Dostoyevsky's novel is one not to be missed.
Auteur filmmaker Nicholas Roeg tells us the story about a depressed musician vampire who reunites with his lover only to be interrupted by her bratty younger sister. John Lennon and Helen Mirren both star.
Science fiction has never been so good and so badass as Fred Williamson stars as a military officer up against an alien invasion; he unlocks the power where everytime he dies, he comes back and repeats the same day over and over -- eventually becoming the best there is.
In a town like Basin City, there is no justice without sin; some of its hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few more of its reviled inabitants.
Returning in its third installment, Lee Marvin gets the team back together and recruits some young hot shots. Their next operation is a personal one: to take down Mr. Stonebanks (played by the always amazing Telly Savalas) who is hellbound on wiping out everything there is about the Expendables.