Citroen Taranis concept
The Citroen Taranis is a two-seater off-road racer concept.
The Taranis is powered by electric motors located within each wheel hub which lower its centre of gravity and greatly improving handling.
The name Taranis is taken from the Celtic God of Thunder or wheel-god, often depicted with a thunderbolt in one hand and a wheel in the other.
With its large outboard double-jointed wheel set-up, the Taranis has a huge footprint, resulting in an intimidating presence and generous travel in the suspension. It can therefore take on the most uneven terrain that many 4x4s could not attempt.
The double-jointed front swingarms help to reduce what would otherwise be an enormous turning circle.
A luxury finish combined with a unique layout sets this off-roader apart from other concepts, with gullwing doors adding a final touch of flair.