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HouseLens Video Marketing: Interactive Product Design
Project Title: HouseLens

Media Used: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Illustrator, Photoshop, Twitter Bootstrap UI Framework

Target Audience: Realtors, Internal Operations, General Public

Concept: HouseLens is the nation's largest full-motion video tour company. In my current role I am focused on building innovative tools and platforms for its customers and key operational teams. I facilitate and deliver systems and infrastructure design and engineering to has empowered the company's exponential growth in video production sales, by more than 203%. I lead a team that recently shipped a major version release for a massively overhauled set of interactive tools. In July 2014, we launched a new mobile/responsive marketing site and a new mobile/responsive interactive video marketing platform for Realtors across the U.S. in 33 markets. Following is an overview of the outcomes and deliverables I am engaged in, daily:

I served as the CIO | Senior UX Designer in the following roles:
- Information Architect
- Interactive Strategist
- Usability Engineer
- Product Delivery
- Business Analyst
- Visual Designer
- Brand strategist
- Art Director

Art Director: Joshua Lomelino
Brand Strategy: Joshua Lomelino
Visual Designer: Lloyd Norman
The full brand book shows the entire process we followed. As the art director and brand director for this project I led the design team and company through the process of re-defining the brand and re-vitalizing it for it's current and future goals as a national brand. The PDF below summarizes the process I put in place to strategically unite the foundational visual voice of the company to its new goals as an organization. HouseLens had an existing brand and mindshare across several markets, and the unique challenge was to re-vitalize, modernize, and transform the company's image while keeping the existing mindshare with the customers to retain and build on brand equity.
Full Brandbook PDF (click link to load full brand book)
Art Director/UX Director: Joshua Lomelino
UX Designer + UX Engineer: Joshua Lomelino
Visual Designer: Joshua Lomelino
Marketing Site (click image for a detailed view)
Click play to watch a video demonstration of the responsive UI design

Art Director/UX Director: Joshua Lomelino
UX Engineer: Michael Johnson
Visual Designer: Lloyd Norman
Audience: Real Estate Brokers and Agents, General Public/Homebuyer

When starting this part of the overall project, I challenged my team with the following message so that we could continually be challenged by our users to constantly improve our work.

"Effective interactive design is built around solutions for the needs and habits of people—much like good product design or industrial design is centered on the needs of its users. By meeting consumer needs, products become stronger, more effective, and usable. Interactive design benefits from a customer-centric and informed user-development process. To develop effective solutions, we must first listen." 
-- Joshua Lomelino
Design Methodology and Process
Mobile/responsive Video Marketing Platform, a design methodology for all devices
Click play to watch a video demonstration of the responsive UI, HTML5 video, and touch-enabled full-screen image galleries. The branded page demonstrates the visual customization possible for agents within the agent portal shown below)
Agent Portal Screenshot
Throughout the design and development process there was extensive usability testing conducted to sharpen and refine the interactive products. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis users were included to the iterative cycles.
Example screenshot of usability synthesis
Example screenshot of usability synthesis with user feedback
HouseLens Video Marketing: Interactive Product Design

HouseLens Video Marketing: Interactive Product Design

HouseLens is the nation’s largest full-motion Real Estate video tour company. My current role focuses on building innovative tools and platforms Read More

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