Railway Vehicles Original Camouflage + Making of
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    Railway Vehicles Original Camouflage + Making of
Railway Vehicles Original Camouflage 
Making of
The task was to develop a recognizable, colorful decorations for the entire engineeringplant "UralVagonZavod." And also to exercise control of production of real cars and road construction equipment. 

In addition, the factory is a leader of heavy machine building in Eastern Europe. Also ranks first in the world in production of heavy armored military vehicles.

The leitmotif of corporate camouflage pattern began. The only difference is that my camouflage does not hide. On the contrary - it unmasks.

Here you can see what came of it.
FIrst scetch
Camou looks like snowboard team pattern
Polygons in the pattern is more similar to military camouflage
The pattern is symmetrical and closed on itself
The walls of the wagon is not flat, and have many bends. Thus it was necessary to find the optimal location of elements applied.
Prepared for painting the car looks like a three-dimensional model
Tank in the chamber and ready for painting
In the process of applying the drawing, the lines were adjusted again and again. The main difficulty of tank cars lay in the fact that it takes the form of capsules. Thus it was necessary to dock in the front drawing back from the bottom and on both sides.
Traction module is also needed tuning, and I decided that it should be more strict, but look like an expensive sports car. To enhance the effect we even made tint tractor's windows.
Note small details and components. God in the details )
Note small details and components. God in the details )
Group performance
Also you can see Serial product painting: 
Before                                                                                          After