The collection focusing on the element “water” is articulated in five black and white pictures meeting a precise stylistic criterion. Those works featured an accurate stylistic choice balanced by soft lines, firm and sophisticated as well, together with rarefied atmospheres leading the audience to reflection and contemplation.
The several photographic techniques – used following a symmetric pattern 12321 – are functional and closely related, under a semantic level, to the pictures disposed in a dynamic succession, but not in a chronological one.
Each single work has been entitled in a different language so to stress the importance of connection to its under implied meanings. According to such an approach every word of the chosen language for the caption deeply embodies the meaning of the image it refers to.
The inceptive idea of Element:#1 has been developed around the text of the poem giving the title to the pivotal picture of the exhibition, “Sott’Acqua” (“Under Water”):
Under water is my world
where the sound confounds
with the eternal beat
of mother’s heart
where the warmth gathers
in circles of light
and circles of silk
around the body naked
of happiness
learned not yet
(Enrica Buccione)
Two landscapes – indefinite places – hold three bodies with its own strength and autonomy recalling the deployment of life in its symbolic and founding relationship with water. The photographer suggests a cyclic representation of life where each landing place is at the same time the starting point for unexpected or
vaguely perceived metamorphoses.

Die Ahnung: (from German) The hunch  - 2014
Contadora Island, Las Perlas Archipelago, Panamá.
蛙 [kaeru]: (from Japanese) Frog  - 2012

The frog totem symbolizes the cycles of life. Its own journey through life, from tadpole to the adult state, reminds us of the many cycles of transformation and rebirth in our lives.
It is considered a small miracle of evolution due to its double existence, both in water and on land. For this reason it represents a medium between life and afterlife. It is also a symbol of metamorphosis.
Sott'Acqua(from Italian) Underwater  - 2014

Water is strictly connected to the life's origin on Earth. It is also essential to the development and functioning of most known life-forms.

Afterbirth  - 2012

The placenta, also called afterbirth, does not exist outside of pregnancy, yet without it, no child could be born. In the Old Testament it was thought to be the External Soul.

Portobelo (Spanish) - 2014
Carribean Sea, Panamá.
Element: #1

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Element: #1

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